Multilingual Services

  • Woodridge School District 68 English Learner students will receive a free, appropriate public education that is focused on their English language proficiency growth, academics, functional, and social-emotional growth.


    We believe that in order to produce world-class learners it is essential to provide a program of instruction based upon the most effective practices that are grounded in language acquisition research. Therefore we are committed to:

    • Provide instruction that builds on students’ cognitive abilities and prior education.
    • Provide instruction for EL & Bilingual students in the most appropriate program according to needs, assessment, and ISBE regulations.
    • Emphasize English language development and content area learning at every grade level.
    • Use native language instruction, as available, to access content area curriculum while simultaneously providing English language instruction.
    • Provide ongoing valid assessment of students that reflects the stages of English language acquisition and cultural background.
    • Evaluate data and make program adjustments to continually improve student learning.
    • Develop and maintain services in the areas of special needs, gifted, and at-risk students.
    • Support and expand early childhood and family literacy programs.
    • Promote understanding of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity by students, parents, staff, and community.
    • Build teacher capacity through a comprehensive staff development plan which enhances teacher knowledge in best practice instruction of ELs.
people saying hello in many languages
  • Director of Multilingual Services

    Dr. Yadi Alfaro

    630-795-6845 office

    815-483-1692 mobile



    Bilingual Liaison

    Thomas Jefferson Junior High School





    Bilingual Liaison

    William F. Murphy Elementary School

    Yolanda Rodriguez




  • To ensure that all English Language Learners and Bilingual students achieve their highest potential through rigorous academic opportunities in English by providing research-based instructional practices that address their linguistic and academic needs.


  • Woodridge 68 supports English Learners and Bilingual students to be a part of the student body by instructing them in the social language as they form friendships and are part of our community, operate with clear targets to instruct them in academic English language, create engagement through culturally relevant activities and learning, utilize specific language data to guide our instruction and supply feedback to linguistically empower our students.