Board Policy 3210

Tuition Fees

  • Non-Resident Tuition

    The Board may approve enrollment of a non-resident student, provided:

    1. Satisfactory arrangements for assessed tuition have been made.
    2. No additional facilities or staff will be needed to accommodate them and the class size will be kept within the desired number.
    3. Individual non-resident student enrollment will be determined on a year-to-year basis. Approval for any one year is not authorization to attend a following year.

    Monthly tuition, payable in advance, shall be determined at 1/10 of the per capita cost of the preceding year.


    Future Residents

    The children of families who have signed a contract to buy, build or rent a residence in the District may be enrolled in the district.  The student will be allowed to attend school without payment of tuition as long as the family moves into the district within the first 31 calendar days. The Superintendent, or designee reserves the right to extend this timeline for extenuating circumstances.


    Former Residents

    Regularly enrolled children of former residents shall be permitted to complete any school year. At the end of the school year, they shall be classified as non-residents and subject to the rules pertaining to out-of-District residents.


    Special Education Tuition

    The tuition for non-resident pupils assigned to special education cooperative classrooms within the District shall be paid by the resident district of the pupil and such tuition shall be determined by the formula established by the cooperative. A non-resident pupil may attend a District Special Education Site Based Program on a cases by case basis only if approved by the Superintendent, or Designee.  The tuition and guidelines will be determined by the two involved district per a written agreement. Approval for any one year is not authorization to attend a following year.


    Summer School

    Tuition charges for summer school shall be based upon the actual costs incurred in operation, and are not intended to provide a financial profit for the District. Tuition may be waived if it is determined that the family of an individual pupil is indigent or that the educational needs of the pupil require attendance at such courses.