Board Policy 3520



    Safety Drills

    The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement a comprehensive safety and crisis plan incorporating both avoidance and management guidelines. The comprehensive safety and crisis plan shall specifically include provisions for: injury prevention; bomb threats, weapons, and explosives on campus; school safety and fire drill program; tornado protection; instruction in safe bus riding practices; emergency aid; post-crisis management; and, responding to medical emergencies at an indoor and outdoor physical fitness facility. During each academic year, each school building that houses school children must conduct a minimum of:

    1. Three school evacuation drills,
    2. One bus evacuation drill,
    3. One severe weather and shelter-in-place drill, and

    One law enforcement drill to address a school shooting incident and to evaluate the preparedness of school personnel and students. This drill shall occur no later than 90 days after the first day of school of each year, and shall require the participation of all school personnel and students present at school at the time of the drill, except for those exempted by administrators or school support personnel.

    In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of any person or property, students and staff are encouraged to use any available cellular telephone.

    Annual Review

    The Board or its designee will annually review each school building’s emergency operations and crisis response plan(s), protocols, and procedures, as well as each building’s compliance with the school safety drill plan. This annual review shall be in accordance with the School Safety Drill Act (105 ILCS 128/) and the Joint Rules of the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Illinois State Board of Education (29 Ill.Admin.Code Part 1500).


    Movable Soccer Goal Safety

    The Superintendent or designee shall implement the Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act in accordance with the guidance published by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Implementation of the Act shall be directed toward improving the safety of moveable soccer goals by requiring that they be properly anchored. 

    Carbon Monoxide Alarms

    The Superintendent or designee shall implement a plan with the District’s local fire officials to:

    1. Determine which school buildings to equip with approved carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detectors,
    2. Locate the required carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detectors within 20 feet of a carbon monoxide emitting device, and
    3. Incorporate carbon monoxide alarm or detector activation procedures into each school building that requires a carbon monoxide alarm or detector. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure each school building annually reviews these procedures.


    Emergency Closing

    The Superintendent or designee is authorized to close the schools in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the safety of students, staff members, or school property.


    Unsafe School Choice Option

    The unsafe school choice option allows students to transfer to another District school or to a public charter school within the District. The unsafe school choice option is available to:

    1. All students attending a persistently dangerous school, as defined by State law and identified by the Illinois State Board of Education.
    2. Any student who is a victim of a violent criminal offense, as defined by 725 ILCS 120/3, that occurred on school grounds during regular school hours or during a school-sponsored event.

    The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to implement the unsafe school choice option.