Board Policy 3800

Facility Management and Expansion Program

  • The Superintendent shall manage the District’s facilities and grounds as well as facility construction and building programs in accordance with the law, the standards set forth in this policy, and other applicable School Board policies. The Superintendent or designee shall facilitate: (1) inspections of schools by the Regional Superintendent and State Fire Marshal or designee, (2) review of plans and specifications for future construction or alterations of a school if requested by the relevant municipality, county (if applicable), or fire protection district, and (3) compliance with the 10-year safety survey process required by the School Code.


    Standards for Green Cleaning

     For each District school with 50 or more students, the Superintendent or designee shall establish and supervise a green cleaning program that complies with the guidelines established by the Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council.



    Managing Buildings and Grounds

    The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures for managing and maintaining District buildings and grounds. The Superintendent shall take all reasonable measures to protect: (1) the safety of District personnel, students, and visitors on District premises from risks associated with hazardous materials, and (2) the environmental quality of the District’s buildings and grounds. Before pesticides are used on District premises, the Superintendent or designee shall notify employees and parents/guardians of students as required by the Structural Pest Control Act, 225 ILCS 235/, and the Lawn Care Products Application and Notice Act, 415 ILCS 65/.


    Facility Development and Expansion Programs

    It shall be the policy of the Board to authorize the construction of a sufficient number of school buildings to meet demands of present and future student enrollments and in doing so, provide the highest quality of educational environment for students at the lowest expenditure of tax dollars.

    When making decisions pertaining to design and construction of school facilities, the Board will confer with members of the staff, the community, the Illinois State Board of Education and educational and architectural consultants as it deems appropriate. The Board establishes these goals for the District’s development and expansion program:

    1. Integrate facilities planning with other aspects of planning and goal setting.
    2. Base educational specifications for school buildings on identifiable learner needs.
    3. Design the sufficient flexibility to permit new or modified programs.
    4. Design buildings for maximum potential for community use.
    5. Provide for the financing of any construction project in accordance with the provisions of the school code.
    6. Meet requirements on the accessibility of school facilities to disabled persons as specified in State and federal law.
    7. Provide for low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.