Board Policy 3900

Contributions of School Sites

  • The Board requires the following:

    1. That provisions of school sites be included in the subdividers’ plans for any subdivision and that minimum school site size requirements be based upon reasonably accepted and prevailing standards and reasonably accepted formulas setting forth public school student yields per dwelling units in the area of the subdivision.
    2. That prior to the final approval of a plat of subdivision, the subdivider of such plat of subdivision be required to contribute to the District, without charge, a school site or sites sufficient in size to handle the expected student enrollments generated from the development of such subdivision. Prior to the conveyance the developer shall provide the District with a commitment for title insurance in an amount equal to the value of the property and evidence of a clear and unrestricted title.
    3. That the school site or sites referred be fully improved (i.e. that public sewer, gas, water and electricity be installed to such school sites and that such sites be served by paved streets, curbs and gutters).
    4. That if the village or county determines that a suitable site or sites for any such school cannot be feasibly located in any such plat of subdivision, the subdivider be required (as a condition to approval of any such plat) to pay to the District the sum of $100,000 per acre.
    5. If the proposed development does not yield enough pupils to warrant the contribution of a minimum size school site of improved land, the subdivider shall donate $2,500 per projected K-6th grade child, and $3,000 per projected 7-8th grade child. The payment may be prorated and rendered as building permits are issued, reflecting the rate in effect at the time payment is made.


    School Site Requirements

    Developers shall make donations to the District based on the following factors -

    1. One acre of fully improved land for 55 projected pupils, grade K-6.
    2. One acre of fully improved land for 47 projected pupils, grades 7 and 8. 


    The attached Table of population density shall be used in calculating the amount of required dedication of acres of land or cash contribution in lieu thereof unless a written objection is filed by the subdivider or developer.


    It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to submit, on an annual basis, any and all changes to this policy to the Board for its review and possible adoption.