Board Policy 4050



    Conflict of Interest

    All District employees are expected to maintain high standards in their school relationships, to demonstrate integrity and honesty, to be considerate and cooperative, and to maintain professional relationships with students, parents, staff members, and others.


    Solicitation and Sales

    Employees shall not utilize the organization of the school or contacts with pupils in the classroom to their own personal advantage or that of any group or organization. It shall be understood that this policy prohibits soliciting, distributing of partisan political materials of any type, or accepting unauthorized contributions, advertising, selling, or purchasing any product or service.



    No employee may charge a pupil a fee for any service rendered upon the school premises or for any service of teaching connected with the school system. The tutoring of one’s own pupils for pay during the school year as well as during vacation shall be prohibited without the consent of the Superintendent or designee.


    In exceptional cases where individual tutoring is recommended, the Superintendent shall establish rules and regulations to protect both the District and the teachers from conflict of interest.


    Conflict of Interest in Job Placement

    No District employee shall be placed in a position where the employee is directly supervised by a relative. For the purposes of defining relative, the definition shall mean parents, husband, wife, children, sister, brother grandparents, any corresponding “in-law” relationship, uncle, aunt, niece or nephew.