Board Policy 4150

Employee Protection


    Every reasonable attempt shall be made to protect any employee who is threatened with bodily harm or abuse by an individual or a group while executing assigned duties. It shall be the responsibility of employees to notify the building administrator immediately if a threat or actual attack has been made on them.


    The Board and Administration will cooperate with any investigation by law enforcement authorities regarding an assault and/or battery of an employee.


    The Board will provide an employee an initial consultation with a Board designated legal firm in the event of a physical and/or verbal assault while performing his/her duties.


    Upon receipt of a written complaint from any school personnel, the superintendent shall report all incidents of battery committed against teachers, teacher personnel, administrative personnel or educational support personnel to the local law enforcement authorities no later than 24 hours after the occurrence of the attack and to the Department of State Police’s Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting Program no later than 3 days after the occurrence of the attack.