Process for Helping Students

What happens when a teacher observes a student who seems to struggle


    When a teacher observes that a student seems to struggle with grade level work and expectations, the teacher may decide to ask for a 'team meeting' for that student. This is a brainstorming session with the classroom teacher, psychologist, social worker, speech language pathologist, resource teacher, inclusion facilitator, literacy specialist and any other staff members as appropriate. Teachers describe their concerns for a student at this meeting, and team members offer suggestions designed to help with those areas of concern.


    There are many strategies that can be implemented to help support a student who is struggling. These strategies originate in team meetings. After a period of time during which these new strategies are implemented, the teacher assesses whether or not the changes seem to be effective. If the teacher continues to be concerned about a student's progress, a case study evaluation including individual testing may be warranted. This case study evaluation begins with a parent meeting. Parent signature for the specific purpose of completing an evaluation is required. Once testing is completed, another meeting is held to discuss the results with parents. Options for student assistance are discussed at this meeting. If test results indicate a need for special services, a plan is developed. This plan is called an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP, and is monitored on a regular basis.