Board Policy 4800

Terms and Conditions of Employment



    Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board may employ, assign, transfer, reclassify and dismiss all educational support personnel as well as adopt regulations governing their employment and duties. Educational support personnel are permitted to apply for reassignment, transfer or reclassification; however, the Superintendent or designee shall make the final decision.



    It shall be the responsibility of the Administration to recommend, and the Board to establish a compensation schedule for educational support personnel. This schedule of wage rates shall be developed after appropriate investigation by the Administration and Board. At the time of appointment, the Administration shall evaluate the experience of the prospective employee and determine placement on the schedule of wage rates which shall be established by the Board in accordance with the current schedule of wage rates provided for such employees.


    New employees shall be granted full credit for each year of comparable experience, to a maximum of ten, outside of the district as determined by the Administration. Credit for experience in the district shall be granted for an employee moving from one classification to another.



    Openings for existing and newly created positions shall be posted in every school, and classified personnel shall be presented adequate opportunity to submit their application for such positions.



    Educational support personnel evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with the District educational support personnel evaluation plan.