Board Policy 4830

Vacation Holidays (Secretarial)


    Each of the provisions in this policy applies to all 12 month secretarial educational support personnel to the extent that it does not conflict with an applicable collective bargaining agreement or individual employment contract or benefit plan; in the event of a conflict, such provision is severable and the applicable bargaining agreement or individual agreement will control.


    All 12-month secretarial employees shall receive a vacation of twenty (20) days per year and all days during the winter break shall be classified as paid non-work days. Employees who are employed after July 1st shall be credited with prorated vacation benefits from the date of employment through the following June 30th.


    Vacation days shall be taken within twelve (12) months of the year in which it was earned. Vacation day requests must have prior approval.



    14 Paid holidays for 12-month secretarial support staff employees:

  • The Superintendent shall be authorized to determine when the listed holidays will be observed.


    Upon termination of employment, the remaining vacation time or remuneration for unused vacation time, shall be determined by the Superintendent and/or designee.