Local Music Stores

  • Music stores in this area are listed in alphabetical order below. Some have repair shops, some sell books and supplies, some focus mainly on instrument sales and rentals. Please review their website or call ahead to save a wasted trip. Some examples:

    • JW Pepper focuses on selling sheet music and music books. They do not rent instruments. Their website is great for listening to the music that we perform in band. Search for the titles we’re working on to find MP3 files that help us to learn musical concepts, such as tone, balance, timbre, and expression.
    • Quinlan and Fabish Music Store can take orders over the phone and they can deliver to the schools. They carry high-quality products and they support our students with recommended instruments and supplies.

    When you shop for an instrument, please look for high-quality instruments, not just bargain-basement prices. Quality counts!


    Cleaning and care kits are vital and contribute to the long-term health of the students and the instruments alike. Cleaning & care kits also ensure the playability of instruments and reduce the need for repairs.


    Every instrument has a version of the band method book and every student will need to purchase this book. It is available from the stores, or online. "Essential Elements Interactive, Book One" is the title. There's a version of it for Flute, another for Bb Clarinet (DON'T get the Bass Clarinet book!), one for Bb Trumpet, one for Trombone, and one for Combined Percussion.


    When shopping for clarinet reeds:

    • You can choose natural (cane) reeds or plastic reeds. Plastic reeds are more expensive initially, but they last longer, they don’t require water for soaking, and they end up being cheaper in the long run. Some people find that they help to build embouchure control and strength because they don’t decay like cane reeds. Some people prefer the tone from cane reeds.
    • In either case, please choose 2 ½ strength or “medium hard” reeds.


    Local area stores, listed in alphabetical order:

    Ellman’s Music Center

    508 West 5th Ave. Naperville, IL 60563
    (630) 355-5880



    JW Pepper Music

    (800) 345-6296



    Modern Music

    1715 Ogden Ave.

    Lisle, IL 60532

    Phone (630) 810-1500



    Music and Arts Center

    907 W Irving Park Rd.
    Itasca, IL 60143
    Phone (630) 285-1485

    Toll Free (800) 323-1001



    Naperville Music

    636 E. Ogden Ave.
    Naperville, IL 60563
    Phone (630) 355-1404



    PM Music

    4411 Fox Valley Center Dr.

    Aurora, IL 60504

    Phone (630) 978-9927



    Quinlan and Fabish

    6827 High Grove Blvd

    Burr Ridge, IL  60527

    Phone (630) 654-4111