School Improvement Plan

Meadowview Elementary School




  • Meadowview's school improvement goal is to use each phase of gradual release of responsibility, in each lesson, each day.



  • If we accomplish our goal, classes will be student-centered, collaborative, and brain friendly. If we accomplish our goal of using all phases of gradual release of responsibility every day and in every lesson, students will be successful and feel empowered.


Success Criteria

  • We will know we are successful if students work with partners and small groups to process how to use skills.

    We will know we are successful if students independently use skills teachers have modeled.



  • Teachers will experience gradual release of responsibility during inservices. 

    Teachers will plan their lessons incorporating each of the phases of gradual release of responsibility.

    Teachers will model their thinking when teaching students skills.

    Teachers will provide multiple opportunities for students to process use of their skills with peers using different cooperative learning strategies and structures.