Board Policy 5320

Agency and Police Interviews

  • The Superintendent or designee shall manage requests by agency officials or police officers to interview students at school through procedures that: (1) recognize individual student rights and privacy, (2) minimize potential disruption, (3) foster a cooperative relationship with public agencies and law enforcement, (3) Recognize the potential impact an interview may have on an individual student, and (4) comply with State law including, but not limited to, ensuring that before a law enforcement officer, school resource officer, or other school security person detains and questions on school grounds  a student under 18 years of age who is suspected of committing a criminal act, the Superintendent or designee will:

    1. Notify or attempt to notify the student’s parent/guardian and document the time and manner in writing;
    2. Make reasonable efforts to ensure the student’s parent/guardian is present during questioning or, if they are not present, ensure that school employees (including, but not limited to, a school social worker, psychologist, nurse, guidance counselor, or any other mental health professional) are present during the questioning; and
    3. If practicable, make reasonable efforts to ensure a trained law enforcement officer to promote safe interactions and communications with the student is present during questioning.