Introduction to Graphic Design

8th grade

artist's palette
  • Introduction to Graphic Design will provide students with hands-on learning experiences and skills for a variety of relevant design careers.  Students will demonstrate critical thinking and creativity as they collaborate with other students and problem solve while engaging in marketing and advertisement campaigns during the first half of the course.  They will learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software to facilitate accomplishment of these goals.  The latter half of this course will enable students to develop the fundamental skills of computer-aided design (CAD) and explore commercial, residential, and landscape architecture.  Students will apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to develop blueprints to scale of various buildings and landscapes.


Emerging Artist Invitational at Downers Grove South High School

  • The artwork above was selected for the 2018 Emerging Artist Invitational at Downers Grove South High School. Congratulations to the following artists: Mofeed Al Torkmani, John Demos, Krystal Flores, Alex Garcia, Levin Kandakudy, Hamzah Sayyed, Ian McDermott, Aneliz Mejia, Quinn Murphy, and Donovan Whitehead.

    Teacher: Analiese Gremillion