Board Policy 5420

Behavior Interventions for Students with Disabilities


    The District will establish and maintain a parent-teacher advisory committee to develop, implement, and monitor procedures on the use of behavior interventions for students with disabilities. The committee shall review the State Board of Education’s guidelines on the use of the behavioral interventions and use them as a non-binding reference.


    This policy and the behavioral intervention procedures shall be furnished to the parents and/or guardians of all students with individual education plans within 15 days after their adoption and at the time an individual education plan is first implemented for a student. The policy and procedures shall also be provided for parents and/or guardians of all students with individual education plans at the beginning of each school year.


    Additionally, it is the responsibility of each school to annually inform its students of these policies and procedures. At the annual individualized education plan review, this policy shall be given to the parents/guardians and the behavioral interventions procedures explained and made available to them on request.


    Discipline of Special Education Students

    The District shall comply with the Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 and the Illinois State Board of Education’s Special Education rules when disciplining special education students. No special education student shall be expelled if the student’s particular act of gross disobedience or misconduct is a manifestation of his or her disability.