Board Policy 5700

Photograph or Video Recording of a Student


    Pictures of Unnamed Students

    Students may occasionally appear in photographs and video recordings taken by school staff members, other students, or other individuals authorized by the Building Principal. The school may use pictures or videos, without identifying the student, in various publications, including the school yearbook, school newspaper, and school website. No consent or notice is needed or will be given before the school uses pictures of unnamed students taken while they are at school or a school-related activity.


    Pictures of Named Students

    Sometimes the school may want to identify a student in a school picture. For example, school officials want to acknowledge those students who participate in a school activity or deserve special recognition.


    In order for the school to not be able to publish a picture with a student identified by name, one of the student’s parents or guardians must sign and so indicate on a Parent Permission Form for Field Trips and Photographs and Videos.


    Pictures of Students Taken By Non-School Agencies

    While the school limits access to school buildings by outside photographers, it has no control over news media or other entities that may publish a picture of a named or unnamed student. School staff members will not, however, identify a student for an outside photographer.