Board Policy 6020

Class Size

  • Recognizing that class size is an important factor in providing a quality education, the Board will strive within budgetary limitations to maintain class sizes which provide the best opportunities for all the children of the district to develop their fullest potential. In establishing guidelines for class size the administration and the Board will consider the grade level, the financial condition of the district and available facilities.


    The maximum class size shall be as follows:

    Kindergarten  25 students

    Grades 1 - 3     28 students

    Grades 4 - 6     30 students


    When any K-6 class exceeds the maximum enrollment before the beginning of winter break, a new class shall be added unless the principal and teachers recommend to the Superintendent or designee, a new class not be created. Special circumstances, such as pending student transfers may necessitate a delay in authorization or result in a decision not to authorize the teacher.


    When any grade level exceeds the maximum enrollment after the beginning of winter break, an Enrollment Teaching Assistant will be employed in the grade level for the remainder of the school year.