File a Complaint

  • Please note that this information is intended to give you an overview of certain rights and options under the Title IX grievance process. For full policy definitions and Woodridge School District 68 procedures, see Title IX Grievance Procedure.


    This form should be completed by any Title IX Complainant who seeks to have Woodridge School District 68 process a complaint of “Title IX Sexual Harassment,” as that term is defined in District Regulations 7265R, Title IX Sexual Harassment Response and 7265R2, Formal Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Grievance Process.


    Although Woodridge School District 68 cannot commit to keeping a Formal Complaint of Title IX Sexual Harassment confidential because of the District’s obligation to investigate the Formal Complaint, the District will use its best efforts not to disseminate information concerning the Formal Complaint beyond those who have a need to know.


    Please contact Dr. William Schmidt, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, at 630-795-6803 if you have any questions regarding the process for filing or investigating complaints of Title IX Sexual Harassment.