Cleaning Procedure

Alex Gliwa, Director of Buildings & Grounds | | 630-795-6825

Overview & Purpose

  • As we prepare to welcome students and staff back into buildings, it is imperative that we ensure that the facilities are maintained and cleaned to a high level of standards. While reopening plans call for mandatory mask wearing, wellness checks as well as socially distanced learning at all times, it will be equally important to maintain a high level of sanitation and attention to all areas of the building to take part in lowering any potential risk of COVID-19 in Woodridge School District 68.

Sanitation Plan Objectives

    1. To have a common set of cleaning expectations matched to a schedule of implementing actions intended to prevent the infection or spread of COVID-19 as well as other germs or illness.
    2. Built-in support in having ample disinfectant in stock as well as adjusting custodial staffing hours to provide as much support as possible during key times including arrival as well as lunch.

Sanitation End-of-Day Checklist

  • Custodial and maintenance staff will perform the following task list to prepare for the following day's attendance:



    • Teacher desk
    • Phones
    • Student desks/tables
    • All chairs
    • Sink and countertops
    • Light switches
    • Entry door handles


    • Toilets, flush valves
    • Sinks
    • Dispensers
    • Stalls
    • Door handles


    • Railings
    • Bottle fill stations
    • Lockers

    In addition to the above checklist, floors will be vacuumed/dust mopped, wet mopped, whiteboards cleaned and all garbage/recycling removed.

Disinfectant Product Information