Board Policy 6200

School Calendar, School Day, Emergency School Closings


    School Calendar

    The school calendar shall be established by the Board on recommendation of the Superintendent at a regular meeting of the Board not later than May 1 of the preceding school year. The school calendar shall meet the requirements of the School Code. Parents shall be notified of the school calendar.


    The school calendar may be amended by the action of the Board. Parents shall be notified of any such amendments as soon as possible by the administration.


    School Day

    The length of the school day shall be set by the Board at a regular meeting based on the recommendation of the Superintendent and shall fall within the limits established by the School Code. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that observances required by State law are followed during each day of school attendance. 


    Commemorative Holidays

    The teachers and students shall devote a portion of the school day on each commemorative holiday designated in the School Code to study and honor the commemorated person or occasion. The Board may, from time to time, designate a regular school day as a commemorative holiday.


    Emergency Closings

    In the event of severe weather, natural disaster, critical damage to a building, malfunction of a building’s internal environmental support system, etc., school closings shall be decided upon by the Superintendent or designee. Closings will be announced through annually established channels. If a building is evacuated for a lengthy period of time or is unusable due to an emergency, natural disaster, substantial damage to a building, or malfunction of a building’s internal environmental support system the procedures outlined in the Crisis Manual will be followed.