Board Policy 6310

Programs for Gifted Students


    Appropriate educational services shall be provided to gifted and talented children. Gifted and talented children are those children whose mental development is accelerated beyond the average or who have demonstrated a specific aptitude or talent and can profit from specially planned educational services to the extent they need them. The term includes children with exceptional ability in academic subjects, high level thought processes, divergent thinking, creativity and the arts.


    The Superintendent or designee shall continually evaluate and improve our program for gifted and talented students, which includes:

    1. An annual identification system designed to identify gifted and talented students.
    2. This identification system is based on multiple measures which ensures equal access to all students.
    3. Educational services consistent with state goals and objectives.
    4. Qualified instructional personnel with knowledge and training in the characteristics and learning needs of the gifted and talented.
    5. Procedures to annually evaluate the progress of students receiving services.