Board Policy 6410

Instructional Media


    Selection of media in the District will serve the purposes of enriching and supporting the curriculum, and meeting the individual needs of students and teachers as they strive to achieve their educational goals. In the policy “media/materials/resources” include print (books, periodicals) and non-print (CD, software, models, online resources, multimedia, etc.) materials and any other print or non-print items that support the district curriculum. Selection will be made by the professional media staff based on the recommendations of teachers, students, parents, and administrators. All teachers will be asked to make and to review recommendations in the areas of their specialties.


    The media staff will use recognized review periodicals, standard catalogs and other selection aids when selecting resources. Resources shall be selected which:

    1. Support the instructional program of the individual school.
    2. Are appropriate for the learning level and understanding of the range of students served by the school.
    3. Reflect the interests and needs of the students, faculty, and school/district community.
    4. Represent a wide range of literary and artistic values.
    5. Represent the various religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contributions to our American heritage.
    6. Present as many opinions as possible on issues of contemporary concern so that students have opportunities to analyze varying points of view and learn to think critically.
    7. Do not promote negative stereotypes relating to age, gender, minority, and handicapped persons.


    Resources shall not be excluded from consideration because of the origin, background, or alleged views of the author(s) or those who contributed to their creation or production. Resources shall not be prescribed or excluded for consideration based on the partisan or doctrinal position reflected in the material.


    Donated materials may be placed in the LRC collections but only if they meet the standards specified above. LRC materials which become unusable may be donated to appropriate agencies. Such out-of-date or no-longer-useful materials shall be withdrawn from the collection only by the district professional media staff. Worn or missing media shall be replaced at the discretion of the professional media staff.


    Challenged Materials

    Challenges shall be submitted in writing to the Director of Technology and Learning Resource Centers. All such challenges will be reviewed by a committee which will make a recommendation to the Board if the challenged material is to be excluded. The Board shall make the final decision to exclude the challenged material.


    The committee shall consist of the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Director of Technology and Learning Resource Centers, principals, professional staff members knowledgeable in the subject area of the materials challenged, and members of the community. Challenged materials will not be removed from use during the challenge process.


    User Records

    All records which reveal the identity of staff members or students who have used or are using LRC materials shall be confidential.