Board Policy 7030

Board Committees


    Committees composed of Board Members may be created by the Board for specific assignments. When so created, such committees shall be appointed by the President and shall terminate either upon completing their assignments or by a vote of the Board at any time. These committees shall not act in a decision making capacity, but rather make recommendations to the Board. When legally required, Board committee meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act.


    A standing committee is created for an indefinite term although its members will fluctuate. Standing committees are:

    1. Board Policy Committee. This committee researches policy issues, and provides information and recommendations to the Board.
    2. Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee. This committee assists in the development of student discipline policy and procedure. Its members are parents/guardians and teachers, and may include persons whose expertise or experience is needed. The committee reviews such issues as administering medication in the schools, reciprocal reporting between the School District and local law enforcement agencies regarding criminal offenses committed by students, student discipline, disruptive classroom behavior, school bus safety procedures, and the dissemination of student conduct information.
    3. Behavioral Interventions Committee. This committee develops and monitors procedures for using behavioral interventions in accordance with Board policy 5420, Behavior Interventions with Students With Disabilities. At the Board President’s discretion, the Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee shall perform the duties assigned to the Behavioral Interventions Committee.