Board Policy 7040

Board Request for Information and Action


    Requests from individual members of the Board, to the Administration, or District personnel that necessitate written reports or specific action shall be communicated to all Board Members. Administrators shall serve as resources for the Board by providing information as long as providing that information is not in conflict with Board of Education policy or State law.


    Requests for information by individual Board members that can be responded to spontaneously, without additional staff time and/or research, should be routinely provided and not be reported to the entire Board. The administrator shall inform the Board member if the request would necessitate additional staff time and research.


    Subsequent to a request by an individual Board member for information that necessitates staff time and/or research, the administrator may, on his/her own volition, and for his/her purpose obtain the information. In such instances the administrator will transmit the information to all Board members.


    Requests for information that would necessitate additional staff time and/or research need to be processed through the Superintendent or proposed by the Board member at a meeting of the Board. If authorized by the Superintendent or approved by the Board, such reports shall be communicated to all Board members.