Board Policy 7160

Board Officers

  • The Board officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.



     The Board elects a President from its members for a 2-year term.  The duties of the President are:


    1. Preside at all meetings;
    2. Make all Board committee appointments;
    3. Be an ex-officio member of all Board committees;
    4. Appoint Board members to represent the Board on other boards or agencies;
    5.  Ensure that a quorum of the Board is physically present at all Board meetings;
    6. Sign official District documents requiring the President’s signature. Including Board Minutes and Certificate of Tax Levy;
    7. Call special meetings of the Board;
    8. Review appeals of record access requests that were denied;
    9. Serve as the Board’s official spokesperson to the media.
    10. Except when the Board President is the subject of a complaint of sexual harassment, a witness, or otherwise conflicted, alert the Superintendent to appoint a qualified outside investigator to conduct an independent review of allegations of sexual harassment made against a Board member by another Board member or elected official.


    The President is permitted to participate in all Board meetings in a manner equal to all other Board members.


    A vacancy in the Presidency is filled by the Vice President.


    Vice President

     The Board elects a Vice President from its membership for a 2-year term.  The Vice President performs the duties of the President if:


    • the office of President is vacant;
    • the President is absent; or
    • the President is unable to perform the office’s duties.


    A vacancy in the Vice Presidency is filled by special Board election.



    The Secretary shall be appointed by the Board and shall serve a 2-year term.  The Secretary will receive reasonable compensation as fixed by the Board before his/her appointment.


    The Secretary shall perform the following duties:


    1. Post notice for Board meetings;
    2. Keep Board meeting minutes for all Board Meetings and keep the verbatim record for all closed Board Meetings;
    3. Prepare Board meeting agendas and provide them, along with prior meeting minutes, to Board members before the next meeting.
    4. Mail meeting notification and agenda to news media who have officially requested copies;
    5. Keep records of the Board’s official acts, and sign them, along with the President, before submitting them annually to the Treasurer on the First Monday of April and October and on such other times as the Treasurer requests;
    6. Report to the Treasurer on or before July 7, annually, such information as the Treasurer is required to include in the Treasurer’s report to the Regional Superintendent;
    7. Arrange public inspection of the budget before adoption;
    8. Publish required notices;
    9. Sign official District documents requiring the Secretary’s signature;
    10. Maintain Board policy, financial reports, publicity, and correspondence;
    11. Act as the local election official for the District.



    The treasurer of the Board shall be either an elected member of the Board who serves a one-year term or an appointed non-Board member who serves at the Board’s pleasure.  A Treasurer who is a Board member may not be compensated.  A Treasurer who is not a Board member may be compensated provided it is established before the appointment.  The Treasurer must:

    1. Be at least 21 years old;
    2. Not be a member of the County Board of School Trustees; and
    3. Have a financial background or related experience, or 12 credit hours of college-level accounting.


    The Treasurer shall:

    1. Furnish a bond, which shall be approved by a majority of the full Board;
    2. Maintain custody of school funds;
    3. Maintain records of school funds and balances;
    4. Prepare a monthly reconciliation report for the Superintendent and Board; and
    5. Receive, hold, and expend District funds only upon the order of the Board.


    A vacancy in the Treasurer’s office is filled by the Board.