Board Policy 7410

Board Policy Development

  • The School Board governs using written policies.  Written policies ensure legal compliance, establish Board processes, articulate District ends, delegate authority, and define operating limits.  Board policies also provide the basis for monitoring progress toward District ends.


    Policy Development

    Anyone may propose new policies, changes to existing policies, or deletion of existing policies.  Staff suggestions should be processed through the Superintendent.  Suggestions from all others should be made to the Board President or the Superintendent.


    The Superintendent is responsible for:  (1) providing relevant policy information and data to the Board, (2) notifying those who will implement or be affected by or required to implement a proposed policy and obtaining their advice and suggestions, and (3) having policy recommendations drafted into written form for Board deliberation.  The Superintendent shall seek the counsel of the Board Attorney when appropriate.


    Policy Adoption and Dissemination

    Policies or policy revisions will not be adopted at the Board meeting at which they are first introduced, except when:  (1) appropriate for a consent agenda because no Board discussion is required, or (2) necessary or prudent in order to meet emergency or special conditions or to be legally compliant. Further Board consideration will be given at a subsequent meeting(s) and after opportunity for community input.  The adoption of a policy will serve to supersede all previously adopted policies on the same topic.


    The Board policies are available for public inspection on the District’s website. Copy requests should be made pursuant to Board policy.


    Board Policy Review and Monitoring

    The Board will periodically review its policies for relevancy, monitor its policies for effectiveness, and consider whether any modifications are required.  The Board may use an annual policy review and monitoring calendar.


    Superintendent Implementation

    The Board will support any reasonable interpretation of Board policy made by the Superintendent. If reasonable minds differ, the Board will review the applicable policy and consider the need for further clarification.

    In the absence of Board policy, the Superintendent is authorized to take appropriate action.


    Suspension of Policies

    The Board, by a majority vote of members present at any meeting, may temporarily suspend a Board policy except those provisions that are controlled by law or contract.  The failure to suspend with a specific motion does not invalidate the Board action.