Managing Your Student's Account


      • Follow these steps to enable/disable the auto-replenish feature in your child's food service account.

        1. Log in to Skyward Family Access to access your student's food service account.
          • If you have forgotten your Skyward Family Access credentials, click the ‘Forgot your login/password?’ link on the Skyward sign-in page. If you need further assistance with Skyward Family Access, please contact
        2. Click on the child under Linked Partners for whom you would like to enable/disable auto-replenish
        3. Toggle to Enable/Disable
        4. Click Save to complete setup

        Remember to disable auto-replenish before leaving or transferring schools!


        Adjust settings or view payments at any time. Settings can be adjusted at any time on the food item or in your Web Store “My Account” settings.

      Accounting System

      • Computerized accounting system for all students and accounts


        Each student has an ID card for their individual use that works like a debit card. Each time a student purchases a meal, the price of the meal will be deducted by reading the ID number on your child's debit card. Elementary students' cards remain at school to reduce the risk of lost cards.


        A la carte items at Jefferson Junior High (e.g. baked/reduced-fat chips, water, granola bars, fruit juice, etc.) can also be purchased with the debit card, as long as the student does not have a negative balance.


        A student's ID/debit card is already activated. The weekly cost of a daily breakfast and lunch is $30.25 for elementary students (five breakfasts at $2.40 and five lunches at $3.65) and $30.75 for junior high school students (five breakfasts at $2.40 and five lunches at $3.75). Any amount may be deposited at any time via Skyward Family Access.

      Depositing Money

      • Depositing money to your child's account


        Payment for all food service items must be made online through Skyward Family Access (debit/credit card, eCheck) This will include breakfast, lunch, and milk at all schools. Daily cash payments will no longer be accepted.



        Parents can monitor their child's account online in Skyward Family Access, which will show his/her food purchases and account balance, and allow you to deposit funds. Payments can be made in Skyward Family Access any day, any time and is the strongly preferred method of payment. All payments will be applied to your child’s account for use the same day as long as it is received by 7:00am for breakfast and 10:30am for lunch.


        If you have forgotten your Skyward Family Access credentials, click the ‘Forgot your login/password?’ link on the Skyward sign-in page. If you need further assistance with Skyward Family Access, please contact



        Cash and check payments will be accepted on school days between 8:00am-1:00pm in the business office at the District Administrative Center, 7925 Janes Avenue. Any check returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a $20.00 service charge.