Health Services

  • Student health services are an integral part of Woodridge 68’s educational program which provides the following services:

    •  Formal instruction in health and safety
    •  First aid by qualified personnel
    •  Vision and hearing screening
    •  Emergency procedures


    The District Nurse provides the schools with accurate health information regarding state requirements as well as district policies. Each school has a Health Aide to monitor daily student needs, such as reporting absences, treating minor illness and injury, administering medication, etc.


    Each Woodridge 68 school has a health office staffed by a health aide. Health aides are here to help:

    • address illness/injury concerns
    • provide basic first aid
    • administer prescription medication as directed by physicians
    • collaborate with our district nurses, and
    • provide comfort care to children (e.g. ice packs, band-aids, etc.)
  • Questions may be directed to the District Nurse, Cindy Dore, RN, PEL-CSN, via email or by calling 630-795-6839.

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