Junior High Activity Buses

  • Woodridge School District 68 provides bus transportation home for junior high students who

    1. are regularly transported to and from school on a bus; and
    2. were in a supervised activity with a teacher after school.


    Students may not ride the activity bus after a dance or when staying after school as a spectator at an interscholastic sports contest. Students must make arrangements in advance to be picked up at 4:45 following a school sponsored dance or at 5:00 following a sports contest. Students who cannot arrange rides at those times may not stay for those activities.

    The activity bus makes fewer stops than the regular bus, so students generally must walk farther from the bus stop to their houses. Normal bus rules apply to the activity bus, and students who misbehave may lose bus riding privileges.

    There are two buses at 4:30pm and two buses at 5:15pm. At each departure time one bus runs South, and one bus runs North.