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  • The Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) program runs from grade Pre-K through 2nd. Spanish bilingual self-contained classrooms are located at William F. Murphy Elementary School, Edgewood Elementary School and John L. Sipley


    Bilingual Self-Contained KDG - 2 (serving  all Woodridge elementary schools)

    • Kindergarten: Olga Busch
    • 1st grade: Isela Mendez
    • 1st grade: Linda Archila
    • 2nd grade: Roselyn Feliciano
    • 2nd grade: Lena Wiese
    • EL Resource: Maribel Ruiz
    • Bilingual LBS: Mario Barrales

    Bilingual Pre-K - Edgewood

    • Martha Munoz

    Bilingual Pre-K Sipley

    • Sonia Salazar

     The Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) part-time program runs from kindergarten through 8th grade in all six elementary schools, plus the junior high school, this program serves students who are Spanish speaking students but placed in the general education setting with support from Engilsh Language Teachers.


    The Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI) can be found in all six elementary schools, plus the junior high school. The TPI program provides language instruction and support for English learners from a variety of language backgrounds.


    Edgewood Elementary School

    • EL Resource: Lindsey Simmons, Miguel Castillo & Mona Rustom

    Goodrich Elementary School

    • EL Resource: Violeta Gamez 

    John L. Sipley Elementary School

    • EL Resource: Mario Ortega

    Meadowview Elementary School

    • EL Resource: Janet Townsley & Lydia Dudenas

    Willow Creek Elementary School

    • EL Resource: Heidi Voss 

    Thomas Jefferson Junior High

    • EL Resource: Claire Talavera,  Maria Gonzalez & Victoria Robert
  • Director of

    Multilingual Services

    Dr. Yadi Alfaro

    630-795-6845 office

    815-483-1692 mobile



    Bilingual Liaison

    Jefferson Junior High School

    Claudia Hernandez




    Bilingual Liaison

    William Murphy Elementary School

    Yolanda Rodriguez