Gifted Student Identification

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the identification process for gifted services for the 2021-2022 school year ihas been revised. Please see the PDF link for more information.

    Revised Gifted Evaluation Process for 2021-22

    W68 Gifted Services Handbook


    Early entrance to kindergarten or first grade nominations are due by May 1 of the preceding school year. Use the links below for the appropriate nomination form. This form must be completed and returned in a timely manner to ensure that all school readiness assessments can be completed prior to the end of the preceding school year. These assessments include, but are not limited to, the LABC-II-Nu and the IOWA Rating Scales.

    English Version of Early Entrance Nomination Form

    Version en espanol: Formulario de nominacion de ingreso anticipado


    There are four steps for identification and an appeals process. The following steps occur in grades 2 and 6 in the spring of each school year.

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Step 1: Nomination

  • Parents, peers, staff, and/or community members may nominate a student in grades 3, 4, 5 & 7 who is not currently receiving gifted services for gifted services evaluation by completing the nomination form. Nomination forms are available online (English/Spanish) or from the gifted coordinator or gifted specialist in each building. Completed forms should be given to the building gifted specialist. The nomination window is typically November 30 through January 8 of each school year.

Step 2: Screening

  • Students nominated and students in grades 2 & 6 will take the Cognitive Abilities Test 7 (CogAT 7). The CogAT 7 measures students' verbal, quantitative and nonverbal reasoning skills.  Parents of students with propensity one or more standard deviations above the mean, and teachers of these students, will complete a district-designed rating scales survey.

Step 3: Review

  • Data collected on screened students will be evaluated by the identification and placement review panel consisting of district staff members trained in gifted education. The panel will determine appropriate placement for gifted services.

Step 4: Placement

  • Parents and students will receive notification regarding placement and gifted services.


  • Parents or staff may appeal the identification panel's decision by completing the appeal form and returning it to the gifted coordinator by the date on the form. The appeal committee will consist of the gifted coordinator, district administrator and a district parent. The appeal committee will review all pertinent information and notify parents by mail. The decision of the appeal committee is final.