Gifted Curriculum Framework

  • When developing curriculum for gifted learners, it is important that the following areas are addressed within curricular units developed. While not a unit in and of itself, social emotional learning does need to be addressed throughout the curriculum.



    of content

    • Fewer tasks to mastery
    • Standards clustered by HOTS
    • Pre-assessments used


    in process and content

    • Thinking and process skills
    • Use of complex texts
    • Use of multiple sources


    of content, process, product

    • Concepts from multiple applications (math, language arts, social studies, etc)
    • Original research (in area of passion as well as other areas)
    • Product development


    in content and process

    • Reasoning skills
    • Advanced resources (above grade level)
    • Cross disciplinary
    • Stimulating and sophisticated content
    • Technology


    in product and process

    • Oral and written communication
    • Real world audience and application
    • Alternatives for tasks/products (generate real responses, not choosing from choices)
    • Problem solving
    • Technology
working together on building blocks