Residency Information

Relationship to Student and Proof of Identity

  • RETURNING STUDENTS: Returning student residency for the upcoming school year will be verified electronically, and investigators from National Investigations, Inc. will follow-up with those that cannot be initially verified. Parents and guardians of returning students will receive notice in July with the results of the residency verification if necessary and indicate next steps if any. Most families will not receive a letter.


    ALL OTHER STUDENTS: Anyone seeking to enroll a student must complete the General Residency Form and provide the required supporting documentation. One document from each of the following categories is required to complete the registration process. All documents must be current (within the last 30 days) and show your name and address. Please submit only copies of supporting documents, not originals. Documents will not be returned. To guard your security, please block out account and social security numbers on the documents before you present them.

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  • Category 1 (one document required)

    • Real estate tax bill
    • Signed lease
    • Mortgage document or payment
    • Military housing letter
    • Section 8 letter


    Category 2 (two documents required)

    • Utility bill (gas, electric, water/sewer)
    • Phone bill (not mobile phone)
    • Cable bill
    • Vehicle registration
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Paycheck stub
    • Public aid card
    • Medicaid card
    • Food stamp card