Series 4000: Personnel

Table of Contents

  • General Personnel

    4010: Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment

    4020: Hiring Process

    4030: Personnel Records

    4040: Disclosure of Information on Current and Former Employees to Third Parties

    4050: Ethics

    4060: Abused and Neglected Child Reporting

    4070: Dress

    4080: Confidentiality

    4090: Solicitation By or From Staff

    4100: Staff Development

    4110: Reimbursement

    4120: Recognition for Service

    4140: Communicable Diseases

    4150: Employee Protection

    4160: Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials

    4170: Copyright for Publication or Sale of Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed by Employees

    4180: Workplace Harassment Prohibited

    4190: Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and Cannabis Prohibition

    4200: Employee Assistance Program

    4210: Employee Suspension

    4220: Ethics and Conduct

    4240: Personal Technology and Social Media; Usage and Conduct

    4250: Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

    Professional Personnel

    4400: Teacher Qualifications

    4410: Terms and Conditions of Employment

    4420: Insurance Benefits

    4430: Professional Leaves of Absence

    4450: Temporary Illness  

    4460: Resignations

    4470: Substitute Teachers

    4480: Student Teachers and Interns

    4490: Family Medical Leave of Absence

    Educational Support Personnel

    4800: Terms and Conditions of Employment

    4810: Insurance Program

    4820: Educational Support Staff Leaves

    4830: Vacation Holidays (Secretarial)

    4840: Uniforms for Custodians and Maintenance Employees

    4850: Resignation

    4860: Non RIF Dismissal and RIF Dismissal