Series 7000: Board of Education

Table of Contents

  • Governance

    7010: District Governance

    7020: Powers and Duties of the School Board

    7030: Board Committees

    7040: Board Request for Information and Action

    Board Member

    7110: School District Elections and Board Member Oath of Office

    7120: Board Members Term of Office

    7130: Filling Vacancies

    7140: Board Member Qualifications

    7150: Board Member Conflict of Interest

    7155: Board Member Removal from Office

    7160: Board Officers

    7170: Board Member Development

    7180: Board Member Expenses

    7200: Ethics and Gift Ban

    Board Relationships

    7210: Attorney

    7220: Architect

    7230: Auditor

    7260: Uniform Grievance Procedure

    7265: Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

    Board Meetings

    7310: Types of Board Meetings

    7320: Organizational Board Meetings

    7330: Board Meetings Procedure

    7340: Public Participation at Board Meetings

    7350: Communications To and From the Board

    Board Policy

    7410: Board Policy Development

    Freedom of Information Act

    7510: Compliance with Illinois Freedom of Information Act