Board Policy 1220

Advisory Committees

    The Board recognizes that the public and staff have vast resources of training and experience useful to our schools. The strength of the school district is in large measure determined by the degree to which these resources are utilized in an advisory way, and to the degree that these resources are involved in supporting the improvement of local educational programs. In order to increase communications, the Board supports and encourages the development of Advisory Committees utilizing members of the public and staff. The purpose of such committees shall be to study various issues and potential solutions to specific problems confronting the District.
    An Advisory Committee shall not act in an official capacity but shall serve in the role of recommending body, studying only designated items. Committee appointments shall be made by the President of the Board or the Superintendent or designee. Such committees shall terminate upon the completion of the assignment or in the case of Board created committees by the action of the Board. The committee recommendations shall be given careful consideration. However,
    final action and responsibility shall remain with the Board and shall be consistent with Board policies, sound educational practice and within the financial resources available.