Behavior Expectations


    Students are responsible for good behavior and self-control in the building, on the playground, and on the buses.




    Level 1

    • Students will walk in a line, facing forward, with hands at sides.
    • Quiet voices will be used when inside the building.
    • Students will not chew gum or eat candy in school.
    • Hats are not allowed in school.
    • Students will follow established bus rules.
    • Toys, including electronic devices, are not allowed in school.

    Level 2

    • Students must keep hands and feet to themselves.
    • Students will dress appropriately for school.
    • Students will speak respectfully to others.
    • Inappropriate language and gestures are not allowed.

    Level 3

    • Students will not bully other students.
    • Students will not use objects in a way that may cause harm to others.
    • Stealing and vandalism are not allowed.
    • Fighting (real or play) is not allowed.
    • Racial/Ethnic slurs are not allowed.




    • Discipline Notification Form: A Discipline Notification Form (DNF) will be issued when a student does not follow the guidelines set forth in the behavior policy.
    • Detention: A Detention Notice can be issued when a student does not follow the guidelines set forth in the behavior policy, specifically Level 2 behavior.
    • Suspension: An in-school or out-of-school suspension may be issued when a student does not follow or repeats the behavior set forth in Level 3. Parent will be contacted by principal.