• We are a CHAMPS School!


    CHAMPS is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. CHAMPS is aimed at preventing misbehavior and is continually refined to helps students become increasingly respectful, responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in instructional activities.  


    Some who know a little about CHAMPS may see it as an acronym that is used to share adult expectations of students. While CHAMPS does share expectations, it is so much bigger than the acronym. The acronym CHAMPS stands for Conversation - can students talk to each other during this activity? Help - Hows do students get their questions answered? Activity - What is the task or objective? Movement - Can students move during a portion of the lesson? Participation - What does the expected student behavior look and sound like?  


    CHAMPS is really about STOIC! It involves teachers taking the level of Structure needed, and putting in procedures that best support students. Teachers Teach those procedures until they are mastered by students. Teachers Observe students behaviorally and academically, they Interact with students in positive ways, and they Correct behaviors quickly.


    There is one absolute rule within the CHAMPS approach - students must be treated with dignity and respect.


    Our Guidelines for Success at Sipley are to be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Maintain Good Attendance.


    Our school-wide rules are:

    • Speak in kind words to one another
    • Follow directions of a staff member the first time given
    • Adhere to the District 68 Dress and Appearance Policy
    • If you choose to bring a cell phone to school, you are responsible for it.  It must not be in your possession during school hours.  (The school isn't responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items brought to school, from home?
    • Ask permission to leave a space and leave once permission is granted
    • Keep hands, feet, body, and objects to yourself and never use them to hurt another person
    • Walk in the halls and stay to the right
    • Maintain good attendance


    Our voice levels are:

    0 - No Talking, zero, zip, zilch, none, nada

    1 - Whisper, no vocal cords

    2 - Quiet Conversation - Only people near you can hear you.

    3 - Presenational Voice - An entire class can hear you.

    4 - Outside Voice - Unacceptable in classes and hallways.


    Our attention signal is given when an adult raises their arm straight up with their palm facing out and asks students to please stop talking and look at them.


    Consequences are given for poor choices made and that are in opposition of our school rules.  Most misbehavior is handled at the classroom level and communicated to parents.  In addition to parent communication, classroom consequences may consist of restorative practices where the student apologizes to a class for their behavior and seeks forgiveness, a lunch detention, a walking recess where the student walks around the playground without participating in play, or an afterschool detention where student and teacher come up with an agreement to correct misbehavior.  Some misbehavior that is handled by myself or by Mrs. Jackson, my Principal Assistant, consists of fighting, gross insubordination, gender or racial slurs, bullying, stealing, and failure to remedy moderate levels of misbehavior handled at the classroom level.  Consequences consist of all those at the classroom level, but also meeting with parent, in-school work, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, or a recommendation for expulsion.