Learning Behavior Specialists


    The special education program at Willow Creek Elementary School is designed to meet the needs of students who require assistance in order to be successful in school. Students can qualify based on their educational needs through the Response to Intervention (RtI) process, which may further lead to a case study evaluation. A case study evaluation is an evaluation done in the areas of health, social-emotional adjustment, intellectual ability, academic achievement, speech and language, and motor skills. Parents, teachers, and support personnel meet to discuss the test results and develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP), if the student qualifies for services. Goals are set for one calendar year in areas specific to each child's needs. This IEP is reviewed with the team at least once a year at the Annual Review. A Learning Behavior Specialist will be available to answer any questions and concerns you may have throughout the entire process. Our first and foremost priority is your child's academic success and positive school experience.


    The Learning Behavior Specialists and teaching assistants will help students meet these specific goals by providing assistance in the regular classroom, in small or individual groups, and on a consultative basis. The inclusive philosophy of Woodridge 68 is adhered to at Willow Creek in order to keep all students with their age appropriate peers and maintain respect for all, while participating in the general education curriculum to the best of their ability.

teacher helping student