Speech Language Pathologist


    Speech is the verbal means of communicating. Speech therapy works on:

    • Articulation: How speech sounds are made (e.g. say "rabbit” instead of "wabbit")
    • Fluency: The rhythm of speech (e.g., decrease hesitations and stuttering)
    • Voice:  Using the vocal folds and breathing to produce speech sounds (e.g., stop excessive yelling on the playground)


    Language is socially shared rules that include the following:

    • What a word means
    • How to make words
    • How to put words together
    • What word combinations are best in which situation

    Receptive language is how well a person understands what other say to them, such as directions, ideas and thoughts.  Expressive language is how well a student tells/explains to others their thoughts, ideas and feelings.


    If you are concerned about your child's speech development:


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