Student Schedules

  • The Jefferson Junior High student schedule consists of a nine class period day. Students' schedules consist of eight 45 minute class periods and a 30 minute lunch. Students receive language arts (English and literature), math, science, social studies, physical education and two exploratory classes each day.


    Four 18-week exploratory classes are offered at Jefferson and are assigned at random. These classes include: Music Theory and Practice (7th grade), Music Production (8th grade), Success for Tomorrow (7th grade), Financial Literacy (8th grade), Introduction to Studio and Digital Arts (7th grade), Introduction to Graphic Design (8th grade), Project Lead the Way (7th and 8th grade). Further, we offer two full year elective options, including Band (7th and 8th grade) and Spanish (7th and 8th grade).


    At Jefferson Junior High, student schedules are run using Skyward, our student database management system. Students are placed into courses randomly (unless in specialized classes) in an effort to keep classes balanced and provide students with the most optimum schedule possible.

calendar with dates marked with checkmarks