School Improvement Plan

Edgewood Elementary School




  • Edgewood School will provide a foundation for learning through a positive school climate.  Consistent school-wide behavior expectations and a positive classroom management structure will be established through the implementation of CHAMPS.

    By promoting the success of all students and consistently recognizing positive behaviors we can continue to focus on nurturing growth mindset as students are engaged in learning.

    Ongoing collaborative conversations with and between teachers and students will be necessary to make progress and sustain a positive school climate and fostering growth mindset.



  • Based on teacher and student surveys and school-wide behavior data collected throughout the 2016-2017 school year, the staff determined that within our positive school climate additional tools were still needed to be consistent and supportive of student behavioral success in our classrooms and common areas of the school.  The current data showed a high level of behavior referrals from classrooms and a high number of students needing Tier III support.

    Based on the progress made toward fostering a growth mindset school-wide, from our 2016-2017 school improvement plan, the efforts will continue with conscious teaching and learning of strategies that help students persevere when engaged in tasks.  Our positive school climate will create a solid foundation for our students to feel safe as they try new and challenging learning activities.



Success Criteria

  • We will know that we are successful because teachers and students will use common language and daily routines that are associated with CHAMPS in all school settings.

    We will know that we are successful as teachers' and students' growth mindset is evident through daily positive reinforcement and all students are able to learn and show perseverance through tasks with clear CHAMPS behavioral expectations in place.

    We know that we will be successful as collaborative conversations continue at staff meetings, mid-day collaboration, class meetings, cooperative learning activities and school improvement days and are specifically focused on positive school climate and growth mindset.

    We will know that we are successful as behavior and social-emotional data are discussed in SEL data reviews, and there is evidence of a lower referral volume and/or needs for Tier III behavior support.



  • Edgewood staff will begin implementation of CHAMPS: A Positive and Proactive Approach to Classroom Management. The staff will read the book, take part in two in-services provided by a coach from Safe and Civil Schools and implement CHAMPS expectations in classrooms and all common settings in the school.

    Edgewood staff will participate and collaborate on sharing ideas during professional learning meetings, during mid-day collaboration, and Teacher Assistant Team meetings, focusing on student behavior expectations and growth mindset.

    Edgewood Building Leadership Team will provide growth mindset strategies for implementation in all classrooms.

    Edgewood Building Leadership Team will provide CHAMPS monitoring tools and walk-through feedback forms for staff to ensure ongoing implementation.

    Edgewood staff will explicitly reteach/reinforce CHAMPS expectations throughout the school year.