School Improvement Plan

Goodrich Elementary School




  • The goal of the Goodrich School school improvement plan is for all certified staff members to increase their pedagogical skills by developing a system which increases the volume of continuous feedback staff receive.  Each staff member will select an improvement goal unique to their professional needs and development.



  • Research has consistently supported the idea that in order for individuals to grow and improve, people require regular feedback.  The observation cycle involving the teacher and building principal does not provide frequent enough feedback, and is often not considered a safe environment for risk taking. The solution was to create methods and processes where teachers could receive more frequent feedback from sources not tied to their professional evaluation.


Success Criteria

  • The plan will be successful if teachers are able to increase their knowledge or skills in the areas of Kagan Cooperative Learning, accountable talk, differentiated instruction, or student feedback. Each teacher is required to complete reflection sheets as the process moves along and define areas where growth has occurred and why. Likewise, teachers need to be able to reflectively identify areas of their goal which are still emerging and plan future steps. Each teacher will meet with the principal near the end of the school year to discuss next steps and celebrate progress.



  • All teachers will choose a goal (Kagan Cooperative Learning, accountable talk, student feedback or differentiated instruction) based on their individual needs and have that goal approved by the principal. Each Goodrich certified teacher will partner with another certified teacher.  Both partners will video themselves teaching (microteaching), watch the videos together, and critically analyze them, specifically in the chosen goal area. They will also observe each other teach in person and meet to provide feedback. This cycle will repeat three times during the school year with three different certified teaching partners. Additionally, twice a year, each teacher will issue an anonymous student survey to gain further insights about how students perceive aspects of their teaching. Goals remain the same all year and through all partner cycles. The school principal and building Instructional Coach will periodically discuss progress with teachers during scheduled Professional Learning Community meetings.