School Improvement Plan

William F. Murphy Elementary School




  • All staff will make a commitment to learning and implementing social emotional learning skills / strategies



    • Students will gain an understanding of how to use social emotional learning skills to improve their problem solving, self regulation, and internalizing skills
    • Common language for staff
    • Enhance PLC and faculty meeting work/conversations
    • Reach 80% on BESS student/teacher assessment
    • Connect student social emotional learning to academic work and establish positive learning habits
    • Students interact more positively with each other
    • Improve student motivation to come to school and improve attendance for all students
    • Raise student academic achievement/ growth


Success Criteria

    • DNF / Detentions / In-school Suspensions / Out of school suspension numbers will decrease
    • Increase in Paw Pride and Wildcat Wonder slips
    • Increase in Good News cards sent home
    • Students will improve their collaboration and 21st century learning skills
    • BESS, Panorama, PBIS, STAR, PARCC, and classroom data improves
    • Decrease in number of students that go through the TAT system for behavior
    • Students empower each other to make positive academic and social decisions at school



    • All grade level teachers implement a thirty minute lesson on social emotional learning once a week
    • Designate a section of the library to social emotional read aloud books
    • Tie instructional themes within the classroom to social emotional learning (i.e. character traits)
    • Students will set goals around social emotional learning
    • Kagan strategies will be implemented during group work to engage students with social emotional learning
    • BESS Data review meetings
    • Assemblies will focus on social emotional learning (i.e. Anti-bullying Assembly)
    • Murphy School will have a monthly writing theme
    • Paw Pride and Wildcat Wonder incentives will promote positive behaviors
    • 6th grade recess and safety patrols will demonstrate expectations
    • Update behavior matrix
    • Community activities will model positive social emotional learning (Food donation to hurricane victims, Operation Gratitude, Singing at Oak Trace, and more)
    • Mindfulness breathing exercises will be implemented to help students with test anxiety or daily stress
    • All teachers will share classroom social emotional learning activities in classroom newsletter/SMORE