School Improvement Plan

Willow Creek Elementary School




  • Willow Creek's school improvement goals are to:


    -Continue to utilize student engagement strategies to positively impact student relationships, achievement, and growth.

    -Direct students to use iReady to improve skills and self-awareness by engaging in the individual online instruction. Staff will help facilitate this by familiarizing ourselves with the iReady system and analyzing and using data to guide instruction.



  • If we accomplish each of our goals:


    -Students will become more engaged and thus higher achievement and growth scores and lower classroom behavior issues.

    -Staff will be able to accurately guide instruction based off of students’ specific needs. Students will make higher growth when compared to the past because of the self-direction and assessment piece of iready.


Success Criteria

  • We will know we ar successful when teachers and students are "fluent" in three engagement structures. We will know we are successful when students continue to grow on their classroom and achievement assessments. We will know we are successful when students spend less time passively engaged, and more time "doing" in the classroom. We will know we are successful when students iReady scores continue to show growth. We will know we are successful when we are using iReady data to help us guide our teaching. 


Activities/ Strategies

  • Strategies that will help Willow Creek attain its goal are as follows:

    • By the end of the school year, teachers and staff have completed Days 1 - 3  of Kagan Cooperative Learning training. 
    • Our building leaders (principal, instructional coach, specialists) have committed to helping staff find ways to engage their students in every subject.
    • We will reiterate and support the use of Cooperative Learning through our work in PLC's, staff meetings, and inservice days. 
    • Staff and students will use class building and team building to build strong class relationships.
    • Students will use their Chromebooks to direct themselves through our first year of iReady and to help build themselves toward their growth goal.
    • Staff will meet frequently for data meetings to review and analyze iReady data.