Chromebooks for Students

three students working at chromebook computers
  • Each K-8 student will be issued a District-owned Chromebook for use at home during remote learning. The Chromebook is and ​remains the property of the School District​.


    Student Responsibilities

    District Chromebooks are to be used as a productivity tool for school-related business, curriculum, research, and communications. Students must act in accordance with all applicable Board of Education policies when using the District’s Chromebooks.


    Repair Costs

    Parents will be responsible for repair cost/replacement cost for any loss or damage caused by intentional vandalism or negligence of district-assigned electronic devices by students.


    Optional Insurance Program

    Parents may purchase an optional insurance plan offered online through Worth Ave. Group to cover accidental damage to student Chromebooks. This plan is offered for students in grades K-8 and has an annual cost of $20. The deadline to purchase this optional insurance is Friday, September 4, 2020. Students who carry insurance on their Chromebooks each year for grades 5-8 will have the option to purchase their Chromebook upon graduation for $1.00 (one dollar).