Hybrid/Remote Learning FAQ

Hybrid vs. Remote

  • How do I choose hybrid or remote in Skyward Family Access?

  • How do the hybrid model and remote option compare to remote learning for all?

  • What are the school start times?

  • Will my child have the same teacher?

  • I have 2 children. Can I choose hybrid for one student and remote for another?

  • Once we have made a choice between hybrid and remote, will we have the ability change before spring break?

  • If we stay fully remote, will the schedule be exactly like it is right now?

  • There is only one gifted teacher for each subject. If I choose to stay fully remote, would that change what teachers I have?

  • Will gifted be split by last name, or by continue to be split by grade level?

  • What will learning look like for my early childhood student?

  • What will learning look like for my student who receives special education services?

  • If we stay with the remote model, will students with IEPs still receive the same time/setup that we have in place currently?

  • Can students with IEPs who choose remote keep their original classroom teacher?

  • When will we next be asked about choosing hybrid or remote?

Hybrid Learning

  • What is the hybrid schedule? What days will my student be in the classroom?

  • Will group A students lose out on Monday in-person instruction due to SIP days, holidays, etc?

  • Can we request to be in Group A or Group B or grouped with friends?

  • How are the teachers supporting their students during their offsite days?

  • What time will students enter the building?

  • What is maximum number of students allowed in a classroom?

  • Where can I find the health & safety protocols the district is following?

  • Will my child need any additional school supplies?

  • What will PE look like?

  • Will students have recess when at school? If so, what will that look like?

  • How many classes will be out for recess at a time?

  • Will Chromebooks be taken back and forth from school each day they are in-person?

  • Will students use lockers?

  • If students don't use lockers, will they have to carry their personal belongings with them?

  • Will students be allowed to bring a water bottle to school, and drink it during the day if they get thirsty?

  • Will there be a place for students to refill their water?

  • What will dismissal look like? Will procedures be different in order to keep kids more physically distant from each other?

Remote Learning

  • Who will be providing the remote instruction?

  • Will their remote days have live instruction time like they have at home now?

  • What is the schedule for remote?

  • Will attendance be taken?

  • Will my elementary student have specials during remote learning?