Board Policy 6400

Curriculum Development


    The Board shall approve the use of textbooks and instructional materials in accordance with the Illinois School Code and administrative procedure for curriculum development.


    The Board shall approve textbooks and instructional materials in each major subject area during the selection year for that subject area. Technology to support teaching and learning shall be an important component of every curriculum development process.


    Textbook and Instructional Materials - Challenges

    Challenges shall be submitted in writing to the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. All such challenges will be reviewed by a committee which will make a recommendation to the Board if the challenged material is to be excluded. The Board shall make the final decision to exclude the challenged material.


    The committee shall consist of the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, principals, professional staff members knowledgeable in the subject area of the materials challenged, and members of the community.


    Challenged materials will not be removed from use during the challenge process. The Board shall not exclude textual materials from use because of the origin, background, or alleged views of the author(s) or those who contributed to the creation or production of the materials. The challenged materials must be judged on the merit of the materials themselves not on the merit of those who produced the material.


    The Board shall not exclude textual material from use based upon a partisan or doctrinal position other than the explicit policy positions stated in existing Board policies.