Positive work environment

  • We can tell you how great it is to work with collaborative and supportive colleagues here in Woodridge 68, but it probably means more to hear about it directly from our staff...

  • "My colleagues are great mentors and have been so welcoming to me. I love collaborating and gaining new ideas from my grade-level partner and also sharing my own ideas as well! My instructional coach is also amazing and helps introduce new structures and takes time to come into our classrooms to do activities with the kids."

    Samia Kaddoura, 6th grade teacher

    Goodrich Elementary School



    "I have a large pool of people to reach out to when I have questions or just want to run something by someone for feedback. I rarely have times when I can't find someone to support me. My immediate colleagues have taught me so much. I get to hear different perspectives regarding teaching and learning that my toolbox of strategies is overflowing."

    Michelle Schade, Math Specialist




    "I enjoy working as a team with my building and how we all support each other in extracurricular activities and problem-solving. For example, I was struggling with classroom management. I asked several teachers to observe my class period and they gave me tips. I was even able to observe another teacher's class and pick up strategies they use. As a newer teacher, this has been helpful to add these more experienced teachers' skills and strategies into my toolbox."

    Parker Weber, Debate and Discourse teacher

    Thomas Jefferson Junior High School



    "We have a great team that helps each other be successful with our students. As long as there is open communication everyone is successful. It’s a family away from family."

    Susan Willis, Inclusion Teaching Assistant

    Edgewood Elementary School



    "My colleagues are incredibly supportive of my role as an interventionist. We are all here to support students in the best way we can and we collaborate daily to make that happen. It is essential to the success of my position."

    Sarah Collins, Reading and Math Interventionist

    Edgewood Elementary School



    "I have the best teaching partner that collaborates daily with me, we share responsibilities, and have common goals."

    Amber Cannis, 1st grade teacher

    Willow Creek Elementary School

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