Special payment program

Transportation for children who reside less than one mile from school is available subject to conditions

  • A transportation program for children who reside less than one mile from school is available subject to the following conditions:

    • Prior to the initiation of transportation services a fee shall be paid for at least one semester of transportation services. The 2023-24 fees are as follows:
      • Round Trip (to and from school): $250.00 per semester ($500.00 per year)
      • One Way (pick up or drop off): $125.00 per semester ($250.00 per year)
      • If requesting transportation for less than a full semester, the daily rate for transportation is $2.88 (both ways) or $1.44 (one way).
      • Fees for the 2024-25 school year will be as follows: $528 per year (round trip); $264 per year (one way); daily rate $3.00 (both ways) or $1.50 (one way)
    • All pick-ups and drop-offs must be at the existing bus stops. No bus stops will be added that are less than one mile from school.
    • Transportation services will be provided on a space-available basis. If a new student resides more than one mile from school, thus becoming eligible for free bus service, and if the bus is at capacity, the child who was the last one to receive paid bus service will be the first to be dropped from the route until another seat becomes available. If more than one student becomes eligible for the free bus service, the same procedure will apply to gain the additional space needed.
    • A written application must be submitted by the parent or guardian of a child requesting transportation and agreeing to the above conditions.
    • Parents or guardians who wish to apply for the transportation service are requested to use the form attached, accompanied with the  appropriate transportation fee, to your child's school.